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Do I need a referral to make an appointment at a Core office?

As Core doctors are portal of entry providers, in most cases, a referral is NOT needed.  In the event that your insurance plan mandates that your primary care doctor make a referral, we are happy to contact your doctor’s office and get said referral.

What will the initial visit entail?

Once your paperwork is complete, you will be politely ushered to a private examination room.  Here you will have a one on one consultation with a Core Certified doctor, which will include a complete review of your health history and a problem oriented physical examination.  This exam consists of vitals, orthopedic and neurologic evaluation, muscle testing, review of x rays/ and MRIs, and active and passive range of motion.  From this information, your doctor will then be able to specifically diagnose your problem.  This diagnosis drives your treatment course of action.  Your doctor will review all pertinent information with you to establish clear treatment goals.  Upon the completion of your first visit, you will receive a written treatment plan and a concise breakdown on your insurance coverage, if applicable.

Do Core doctors refer to other specialists?

At Core, the “team” approach to patient care is emphasized and executed daily.  We at Core have a matrix of other specialists  that we utilize to augment our services.  For example, if a patient were to present to Core, and after the case history, exam, and review of MRI findings, the Core doctor felt that this patient needed a surgical consultation, an immediate referral would be made to a Core approved surgeon.  From there, the Core doctor and surgeon would collaborate to develop the appropriate treatment plan.  This ongoing dialogue between specialists manifests a logical multidisciplinary approach and improves patient outcomes.

Does Core accept health insurance?

At Core, we are in network with every major insurance plan.  We do also accept workers’ compensation, personal injury protection (PIP), personal injury with an attorney, and, of course, cash.  We do have affordable self -payment plans available and accept all major credit cards.

What sets Core Physical Medicine apart from other offices?

At Core Physical Medicine, excellence is the standard.  Our Texas licensed doctors are hand picked for their academic acumen and clinical skills.  Our clerical and rehabilitative staff completes comprehensive training on the “Core “ standards of operation.  This creates an environment in which every team member is working toward a collective approach to your care.  We pride ourselves in being competent and complete in every variable of your patient encounter, from insurance to referrals, thus ensuring a “Four Seasons” experience.

Will I need to have any diagnostic tests performed?

Based on your examination findings, your doctor may want diagnostic testing performed.  These may include x rays, MRI, CT, EKG, NCV/ EMG, Doppler, bone density testing, etc.  Some of these tests can be performed in house, or you will be referred to a Core approved facility for said test.   Remember, accurate diagnosis leads to accurate treatment plans with expected results.

What kinds of treatment are performed at Core Physical Medicine?

At Core, our doctors and support staff are trained in many different forms of hands on and rehabilitative techniques.  Our offices are outfitted with the most advanced and functional equipment to treat neuromusculoskeletal problems.  We have all forms of electrical modalities and active care/ exercise machines to effectively treat any patient from the acute injury phase through end stage rehabilitation.  Our staff understands biomechanics and incorporates many soft tissue approaches like Active Release Technique (ART), transverse friction, strain/ counter-strain and PNF stretching.  We also perform pre-hab, for pre surgical patients and have all the necessary machinery to perform post-surgical rehabilitation with great results.

Does Core have extended hours?

Yes we do, we are open 9am to 12pm, 3pm to 7pm on Monday through Thursday and 8am to 2pm on Fridays.